Rio Pichions  
The canyon Rio Pichions is located immediately before its confluence with Torrente Vinadia. It is interesting and charming but a very short canyon. The route is described here in its own right but, undoubtedly, it is advisable to undertake it as a means of access to the longer descent of Torrente Vinadia.
Once the confluence is met, it is preferable to continue straight on using the description of Torrente Vinadia.

Friuli Venezia Giulia - Lauco (UD)

Elevation and lenght:
Entrance: 800 m
Exit: 750 m
Height difference: 50 m
Length: 500 m
Highest pitch: 20 m

Advised decent period:
From May to October


Approach: 5 mins
Descent: 1h
Return: 20 mins

No (possibly 500 m)

Excellent ProCanyon

Advised ropes:
1 of 60 m + emergency rope

Full wetsuit

No, but the short length of the canyon does not require escape routes

Carta Tabacco 1:25000 foglio n° 013 - Prealpi Carniche Val Tagliamento


V5 a4 IV

Coordinates for downstream (valley) parking:
46° 26' 22,9'' N      12° 56' 44,4'' E

Coordinates for upstream (mountain) parking:
46° 26' 36'' N      12° 57' 3'' E

Approach to the valley (lower car park):
From Tolmezzo follow the SS52 in to Villa Santina. Towards the end of the town of Villa Santina, at the point where the SS52 curves to the left, take the road on the right leading to Lauco. Pass through Lauco and continue towards Vinaio. Shortly before the village and the bridge over the Torrente Vinadia, you can park the car in a large open space (bus stop).

Approach to the mountain (upper car park):
From the valley car park, continue past the village of Vinaio in a northerly direction and park in the open space before the bridge over the Rio Pichions.

Description and technical notes:
Enter easily into the river and follow the riverbed, which is still wide and flat, for about 250m. Suddenly the environment changes, the canyon walls close in and first waterfall is reached
01 - NA 6 R
02 - P 6 + DEV R
03 - MC + RB + P 20 (16+4) L
Pay attention to the return current on the left of the small pool at the base of the 16 m pitch. Jump towards the right so that the current pulls you away from the dangerous return current
04 - P 19 + DEV R
Warning: This pitch is particularly dangerous; use the deviation!
The canyon meets the confluence with the Torrente Vinadia

Towards the right, follow the Torrente Vinadia upstream. At this point, you will notice a very characteristic rock formation where a huge piece of smooth wall broke away from the cliff and is leaning on the opposite side of the gorge. Continue uphill along the tourist footpath (marked with red triangles) and in a few minutes you will reach a tributary on your right that is usually dry. Climb up to reach a track between the trees that reaches the road near an electricity cabin, which is very close to the downstream parking.

Information of the first descent is unknown.

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